Handy tips for moving home with young children

bridge children

The process:

Before you have exchanged and discussed what completion day will suit everyone in the chain, think what will be most suitable for you. Most completions happen on a Friday, this may mean that you have to unpack and sort the whole house over the weekend with your children out of school/nursery. This can be very challenging if you are new to the area and your support network is nowhere near. Trying to pick a completion day during the week while kids are looked after can make your life so much easier.

Explain the process to your kids:

This simple step can make big a difference. Make sure your little ones understand what’s about to happen this can avoid possible tantrums later in the day. Be honest and specific. Get them excited about the idea of a new home, maybe a bigger room. Select them age appropriate chores. Take the time to ask if they have any questions? How would they like to help? What tasks looks like fun to them? Make them feel important.

A few ideas that worked well and that we have also used ourselves:

  1. Wiping inside the cupboards
  2. Decorating their boxes
  3. Throwing teddies into boxes
  4. Getting light objects from around the house ready to be packed (cushions, throws, toys ect.)


The easiest way to get through it all is to give Avenue Removals a call J (Contact us here). Removals company will take care of sourcing your packing materials, protecting your home contents and load it all safely. The only thing’s that you have to worry about packing are your overnight boxes (clink here for tips on how to pack those (link to article about it))

If you decided on doing it yourself, rope some friends and family into helping you with some packing. Lay on a spread of sandwiches and plenty of tea, whilst someone entertains the children elsewhere.


If your kiddies are around when you are unpacking, give them little tasks to keep them occupied or if possible have their room ready first before any other room, that way you can leave them excited about unpacking their toys and finding new special places for them in their new rooms.

Having plenty of snacks handy throughout the day and a pizza with a family movie for the evening is sure to please everyone after A long, hard day.

Thank you for reading and Happy moving!