What Your Moving Checklist should consist of


After months of searching for that perfect home, the big day is finally not too far away.

The big red SOLD sign is right outside and that means it’s time to start the preparation for getting out of the current home and into the new one.

As exciting as this may be, moving can also be a very daunting prospect for many of us. Here at Avenue Removals we believe that the best way to do it is to stay organized and leave plenty of time to get it all done.

You may think – Yeah right, easier said than done! Trust me, I know! We all been there and that’s why we have decided to create this easy Checklist (download link here). You can find what to do from 6 weeks to days prior to your move.

Fancy creating your own checklist?:

Not a problem. Ready?! Let’s crack on …

First establish how long you have before the actual move date. Second decide if you would like to complete the packing and moving yourself or with help of a local Removals Company. Once you have decided on the above you can start writing down what needs doing when in order to be all ready when The Day approaches. You can use our checklist as well as below tips if your are stuck for ideas.

Handy tips:


With a little planning and commitment it’s actually possible to declutter your entire home, room by room in just a  1 week or even less depending on size of your own 4 walls.

First thing first. Have a gooooood browse through the entire house including outside areas (sheds, garage, summer house ect.).

Guaranteed you will find mountain of clutter you no longer need or even remembered you ever owned. For more detailed tips on how to declutter check out our article here(link).


If you decide to have some help with your move, it is best to start reaching out to removals companies at least 4 weeks prior to the move and organize home visit. Why do you need a home visit? It is for a surveyor to asses the size of your move. Work out amounts and what packing materials are required and the most important- provide you with an accurate cost for your relocation. This is also a prefect opportunity to ask lots of questions you may have about the moving process. For a free, no obligation quote contact Avenue Removals here (link to contact form).