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If you’re looking for immaculate house removals in Tadworth, you’ve come to the right place. With over 40 years of unmatched experience, you will struggle to find a better service with the same depth of local knowledge anywhere else on the market.

We offer a first-rate level of service for anything you may need during the house removal process, from the start till the very end. You can rest assured that we have you covered in your Tadworth house move so you can settle in as soon as possible. With the use of our extensive range of vehicles, we are able to accommodate and complete moves of any shape and size. No matter the size, your house removal will receive 110% from our removals experts, so you and your family can move quickly and safely.

Why choose Avenue Removals for your house move in Tadworth?

We are well-established and well known in the removals industry and are proud of our expert team of removal specialists and their commitment to providing the best possible service for our clients in Tadworth and the surrounding areas.

We understand that moving house can be stressful. To ease your stress, we are confident that our expert team will provide you with a hassle-free service, making the whole moving process a walk in the park. Our specialists will bring together all the necessary information to provide you with a service and cost that is bespoke to your specific requirements.

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What’s the process behind a successful Tadworth house move?

  1. We visit your property. We will carry out a full property assessment of your home, which helps us to determine the safest, most appropriate and most time-efficient routes for removing your belongings. It will also help us take note of the quantity and material type needed for packing everything. This also presents you with the chance to ask us any questions you may have.
  2. Receive a bespoke quote. We do not do fixed pricing. We are big believers that every house move is unique and should be fully tailored to reflect individual requirements. We also have a zero hidden costs policy, so you won’t receive any nasty surprises.
  3. Secure your dates. Upon receiving your tailored quote, it is crucial to get in touch with us as quickly as possible in order to book your Tadworth house removal to avoid disappointment.
  4. Pack your things. Numerous people dread the packing stage. Luckily for you, our expert team can take this arduous task off your hands, offering either a partial or full packing service. If you decide to pack everything yourself, we will provide you with the materials to get the job done.
  5. Moving day. Our team of removal specialists will begin the removals process bright and early on the big day. If you have decided to leave the packing to the experts, we will arrive two days prior to your move, in order to have it all ready and waiting to avoid any necessary delays.

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We've carried out residential, office and laboratory moves, big and small, over many successful years of trading. We take great pride in our work and we get a lot of satisfaction when our clients praise us for the work we carry out. Below are just a few testimonials we've received.